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Task Integration: Stories to Write Before the Coding Begins

task integration

Once you have decided to enhance your business through integration, it is time to decide on what systems to integrate with. To make a well-grounded choice you can start with writing user stories, that illustrate how those integrations will be...

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Boost Business Profits Through Bitrix24 Integration


It goes without sayingthat well-organized workflow is a core of effective and profitable work. As a business grows, it starts to involve more and more tasks, accounts, employees, projects, which are getting harder to manage without a...

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Asana Integration: Opportunities and Profits


It is well-known that coordination and strong organization are key points in smooth and productive teamwork. As businesses scale, teams expand, and the number of tasks and projects grows, it becomes evident that there is a need for an effective task management,...

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Task Integration: Use Cases and Success Scenarios

Use-Cases-and-Success-ScenariosA task-based way of thinking has integrated into our busy lives. Little by little, tasks have grown into a part and parcel of a great deal of business software such as CMR platforms, project management systems (PMS), and various to-do lists. But...

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