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Task Management System Integration: Project Management Perspective

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task management system integration

We are used to doing business in tasks, so task management is now a part and parcel of business and project management in particular. Fortunately or not, projects are not only about tasks. They are also about interaction and interfaces, and, more importantly, commitments and communication. Tasks may be not clear enough or be impossible to resolve in time or just as described, so emails and meetings come to fill the gaps.

When implemented well, management systems integrate into everyday routine and become hard to do without. As a result, you want it to work with more data and interact with more systems, including task management software. This is especially true if there are partners or clients to do some work for because you will find that everybody uses a different task management system.

Why the Variety

When choosing the right software for your project or company, you want it to adapt to your workflow. The reasons for why you decide on this or that software may also depend on its UI and employee variety. For example, minor UI annoyances can become major concerns in terms of using employee time efficiently. What works for any of the following staff members may not work for any the others: an assistant, a department head, or the CEO.

Similarly, clients and partners opt for those systems that suit their workflow and people best too. If planning to expand relationships and collaborations, or have a project management system that you want to enhance, consider task management system integration.

Task Management Integration for Internal Company Use

Integration with task management software can bring at least two positive changes to a project: management convenience and operational efficiency.  When busy and having much work to do, saving time by creating and managing tasks right from any other service interface, email, or even via an SMS sounds like a good idea.

What such an integration also works great for is partner work and customer request management. With your task management systems integrated, you can each track and update issues right from your perfect surrounding, and the changes will automatically reflect on the other systems too.

Task Management Integration for Project Management Software

The main advantage that a project management system can get from connection with various task software is become an all-around flexible solution. Let us clarify what we mean.

Why all-around. Integrations extend functionality. Your busy customers will appreciate timesavers as a bonus to what they buy, and the ability to link tasks from various platforms and create them right from the interface that you provide is only one good example. Instant notifications on issue updates is another one.

Why flexible. With more to offer, you become a choice of more businesses with diverse workflows. You get a bigger community of potential clients and have more attractive features and opportunities to convert them with.

The Integration Part

Getting a system connected to another and making them ‘communicate’ is always complex and challenging. Platforms are built with different logics and require taking the time to learn them before the code writing starts, not to mention general technical expertise. Finding a developer possessing the skills to write a good-working integration and the will to do that is another time waster.

All in all, integrations will cost time and money but not only to get the connections established. You will also have to pay for their upgrades and maintenance. For one integration, not counting the upkeep, you will pay a monthly earning of a developer, for that is how much time it usually takes for them to develop. Multiply the costs by the number of systems you want to integrate with.

One-to-Many Integration Approach as a Solution

The good news is, killing many birds with one stone is possible with the help of unified integrations. If this is something you’d be interested to find out more about or do to improve your system’s functionality, contact us for details.

We offer one API that works for different task management platforms. This means you will only have to integrate one to get and manage data from them. Schedule a consultation by clicking the blue bubble on the right and we will tell you more.

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