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Building a Perfect Project Management System: Top Principles to Stick to

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The IT-industry offers a wide range of business software aimed at organization and facilitation of the workflow. Project and task management platforms are basic systems used for this purpose. They virtually always go together in businesses, so it is essential to make them both interactive and convenient. Continue reading to discover which features make management services more overarching and usable.

#1 Simplicity as a fundamental principle

When it comes to functionality, vendors may go too far in the desire to upgrade their product. Sometimes they just cram their platform with tens of flashy and unnecessary features. There are little chances that users will evaluate the intricate system and congested interface because management systems are meant to facilitate the work, but not make it even more complicated.

The other side of the coin is that sometimes people don’t know that they need this or that feature yet.

Combining multifunctionality and simplicity is not easy, so the idea of keeping track of usage statistic of this or that feature in order to detect and eliminate unnecessary ones sounds reasonable. Then you could create different feature packages for beginners, small teams and companies that need advanced service.

#2 Collaboration as a “project catalyst”

Projects usually involve a lot of communication and interplay between team members, and it is a management system’s task to make this communication easy and convenient. That’s why such features as personalized dashboards, a built-in chat app and the ability for every member to comment on every issue will definitely be appreciated. Plus, making the dashboard customizable means offering each team member a perfect individual workplace.

#3 Visualization

Make sure project management system provides all-embracing and clear activity diagrams and graphics. The analysis of the numbers and other data from each section takes time, while a graphic representation of the workflow allows to better evaluate the progress in a few glances. Plus, visualized results are encouraging, just as visualized setbacks.  

#4 Accessibility

Don’t limit you platform only to a web version. Creating a mobile application or browser extension is a worthy investment. Your users will no doubt appreciate the ability to keep track of updates even on the go through notifications on the smartphone, as well as update data, log hours, file a bug or upload a document from anywhere. Special browser extensions facilitate the usage of a management system and save the time.

#5 Integrable = Flexible & Customizable

Integration possibilities determine the flexibility of the project management platform. Companies tend to develop partnerships and collaborate. The thing is, they often use different task software, so if you have everything to streamline at least the joint development process, the users are very likely to chose you over a competitor of yours. Integration with the task management services they use can easily solve this problem.  

Benefits from integration with other services are the following:

  • access to various data such as tasks, projects, users, attachments, and comments
  • ability to synchronize task updates and link them to your system’s interface
  • ability to add, delete, and modify task information from the task management software your clients use
  • thousands of users as your potential clientele

Integration Challenges

The process of integration is complicated because it implies getting two completely different systems connected to each other. And before you make them both work together flawlessly, you will need to overcome a couple of challenges including getting a good-working integration code written (you will need an experienced developer) and paying for maintenance, upgrades and upkeep. This all should be done over with each integration.

API2Task as a Solution for Faster and Easier Integration

Luckily, there is another option for multiple integrations, which allows to eliminate unnecessary expenses and save time. API2Task provides one API that works with many leading task management platforms. For detailed information schedule a call with our representative, who will give you answers and describe all use cases.

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