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Yippee! The Gamut of Task Management Functionality Is Now in One API

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Business is busy, and having it all fully automated and organized is sometimes a headache. All the departments, all the issue and task management software, all the employees — those are hard to keep in order, because people, teams, and technologies often miscommunicate or communicate slowly. An instant and flawless connection between these parts would be a weight off a boss’s shoulders.

Meet API2Task, the service that has everything to help you establish such a connection. It offers a unified API that helps to integrate with different task managers to retrieve, process, and manipulate various data such as issues, projects, users, and comments. As a business owner, you can benefit from integration with API2Task in the following ways:

  • get connected to multiple task managers via one API integration
  • retrieve, add, edit, and delete various task manager information
  • use this data to organize an instant intersoftware and interdevice communication
  • implement this functionality to make international and intercompany collaboration happen without delays

To make it all easier, we also offer detailed documentation, technical support, and data interaction security ensured with a 32-symbol API key and SSL certificate.

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