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Project and Task Management Systems: One Target, Different Use Cases

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Project and Task Management Systems: One Target, Different Use Cases

Project and task management software can be a powerful tool for big businesses. It can be used together, separately, or even be interchangeable as well. So the question is when is it better to choose project management software, and when a task management system is more than adequate.

First of all, let’s determine what “task” means and what “project” is in regard to business. A project has time limits, plan, and final independent aim, while a task is just a unit of work, it can be a part of a project or contribute to a bigger objective. These characteristics also correlate with project and task management systems’ concepts.

Purposes and Functions of Task and Project Management Systems

Task management platforms provide a single system/interface for all tasks of every team member. It allows to assign work, categorize tasks, set time limits, and organize issues. Thus, not a single task can be omitted and it is clear to everyone which tasks they are in charge for.

Project management platforms are more complicated and overarching systems. They involve resource allocation, progress tracking, budget management, and workflow analysis. Also, project management systems are aimed to create perfect conditions for easy and effective collaboration within the project.

As task management platforms are meant to take care of separate tasks, project management systems should also link all separate tasks and give a unified view of the work process, team performance, and progress.

Choosing the Right Fit

So, a question arises “why to choose a task management platform if a project management system offers a wider gamut of functions?” Because project management systems will be inconvenient and congested for someone, who just need a checklist of tasks. Actually, a small team or a project with a few interdependent tasks can do well with a task management platform. In this case, using project management systems will rather make the work more complicated, than facilitate it. But when it comes to more complex venture with many interdependent tasks and people involved, project management system hits the spot.

The  Power of Connections

Sometimes it is hard to believe what a large job can be put through with strong organization and wise work allocation. Even if the scope of work seems unbearable at first, step by step and task by task, big goals can be achieved. Project management systems are great help in operating and maintaining the smooth process flow due to their capability to conjoin all the small parts into the whole.

All sorts of connections and the ability to connect play an important role in every business, Integration is one of the options to build connections through different systems, applications and platforms to facilitate the intersoftware communication.

For B2B businesses, integration bridges up the gap between different systems, which make collaboration with partners easier. Integration with management platforms can make different business applications interesting and more accessible to the users of these platforms. For project management software, integration with other tools and task management systems is the easiest way to extend its functionality.

More Integrations = More Connections = More Benefits

The process of integration is complicated, expensive and time-consuming. If you are considering integration with many services, there is a way to make it at once, avoiding painful integration development processes. API2Task makes it possible to integrate with many leading task management platforms without unnecessary expenses and efforts. All you will need is to make one simple integration with API2Task. For detailed information schedule a call with our representative, who will give you answers and describe all use cases.

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