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API2Task REST API allows to manage issues, projects, users, comments, and applications. It is organized into 14 categories (resources) with a few HTTP methods defined for each of them. Below you can find them listed.

Supported Resource Swagger Link
Platform Get information about platforms supported by API2Task Read more
Application Add, remove, and edit task management platforms Read more
Issue Create, delete, and update issues Read more
IssueComment Add, remove, and update comments for the issues needed Read more
IssuePriority Add, remove, and modify issue priorities Read more
IssueStatus Create, remove, and update issue statuses Read more
IssueResolution Get information about supported issue resolutions Read more
IssueType Create, remove, and edit issue types Read more
IssueWatchers Create, remove, and update issue watchers Read more
IssueTag Add, delete, and edit tags Read more
Attachment Add, delete, and edit attachments Read more
Project Add, delete, and edit projects Read more
User Create, delete, and update users Read more
Workflow Get information about supported workflows Read more

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