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A Unified Task Data Interfaceto automate your business management routine

10+ supported platforms

including Jira, Wrike, Trello, Asana, and other market leaders.

58 ways to manage task data

such as projects, issues, comments, users, and attachments.

Clear cost-effectiveness

save at least 1 month and thousands of dollars you would put into each integration.


A Single Data Interaction Point
Write to one API and communicate with all and any of the platforms we support. Manage task data across services with the help of uniform API requests.
Scalable Architecture
Connect as many task management systems as you need. The application can easily handle and support all of them.
Upkeep and Maintenance
We take care of platform updates and never stop extending the API with new cutting edge features.
Detailed Interactive Documentation
Explore our API and try how it will work for your service right from the documentation. Only clear functionality, nothing hidden.
Dedicated Tech Support
Our team is always here to answer your questions, help with functionality issues, and discuss special needs if you have any.
Secure Data Interaction
We use SSL certificate and a 32-symbol API key to ensure your data is kept and transferred in the safest way possible.

Handy functionality

access the databases of task management platforms to add, retrieve and update issues, projects, users and comments right from your working environment

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