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Service Level Agreement

API2Task provides a unified task management software data interface for easy integration and data exchange between a product and multiple task management platforms. Service Level Agreement is a policy governing the use of API between the API2Task service and its clients. This SLA applies separately to each account using the unified task management software interface. The aim of the agreement is to provide the basis for cooperation between service providers and API2Task, ensuring timely and efficient support and technical assistance. Definitions The following definitions shall apply to the API2Task SLA: “Availability” – our API is available for you as a registered API2Task user in the way we intend upon your first request. “Downtime” – under “service downtime” the number of minutes in a month when our API is not available for any reason is meant. “Service” means the unified API provided to you for task management software integration and additional technical assistance provided on your request. “Integration”– the process of linking together different software applications and task management platforms via application programming interface for data exchange and coordinated functionality. “Unified API” – application programming interface which can be applied equally effectively for integration with multiple shopping platforms. “Service Monitoring” – tracking various critical metrics to ensure high availability and proper service functionality. Service Commitments API2Task provides a unified API to perform integrations with multiple task management platforms. Claiming this we offer:
  • API for 30+ task management systems
  • integration code samples
  • technical support and consultations on specific integration requirements
  • assistance with software development using the API2Task interface
  • API2Task API provider will deliver the agreed Services within the agreed timeframes, standards and costs
Under this commitment, API2Task is also obliged to provide its Customer with the following services: New Task Management Software Version Support We are responsible for providing constant service update and extending the scope of the service provided. When the task manager which is in the list of our supported platforms releases a new version, we guarantee to add support of the new version with all the API methods available for the previous shopping cart version within 2 months from the moment of the release. Service Uptime API2Task guarantees to provide 99.8% uptime each calendar month. If we fail to meet the uptime and response percentage as guaranteed we will apply service credits to the affected accounts. You will be entitled additional hours of API service equivalent to the period of service downtime. You have to report downtime period to our support team. If such a request is confirmed by us and the service uptime is less than 99.8%, you will receive additional hours of API2Task use. Service Availability API2Task guarantees high service availability during working hours. API2Task reserves the right to disable the account in case of 2 months debt. Service Exclusions What we do not cover as standard:
  • bespoke methods development or integration
  • optimization and tuning of customer’s software
The API2Task SLA doesn’t apply to any unavailability or API performance issues caused by:
  • factors out of our direct control
  • Internet access or related problems
  • actions (or inactions) of you or third party
  • your software functionality or other technology
  • failures of individual servers
Customer Support API2Task provides customer support on general questions only. Requests are guaranteed to be responded to within 24 hours. Note: We work on business days only (excluding National Holidays and weekends). You can subbmit your requests by sending an e-mail to support [at] api2task [dot] com 24 hours a day. Business requests should be sent via email: contact [at] api2task [dot] com or business [at] api2task [dot] com. Please note, we highly recommend to change all access details you provide API2Task developers with within 5 working days after your problem was solved. Unsubscribe/Downgrade To cease using the service or downgrade your current plan, you must warn us in advance (at least 30 days before the date of unsubscription/downgrade). Changes We reserve the right to change, discontinue or add to this SLA at any time. Registered users of API2Task will be informed on this in advance. Last update: January, 2016

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