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General Questions

What do I need to connect a Task Management System to API2Task?

API2Task API allows to add new task management systems by using the application resource with the POST method. Once the system is successfully added, a key for the added system is returned. This key is to be used to send requests to API2Task. The user key, system type and system credentials will be passed and held there.

When adding a new TMS into the system, you will be asked to provide certain access API parameters.
The "type" parameter is need to be set depending on supported paltform.
The "credentials" parameter differ depending on a platform type and contain blocks of provided parameter pair - the "name" and the "value".
The "description" parameter is a TMS information to your notion.
For example, parameter body for adding new "Jira" TMS should looks as follows:

  "type": "Jira",
  "credentials": [
      "name": "url",
      "value": "https://testapi2.atlassian.net/"
      "name": "user",
      "value": "admin"
      "name": "password",
      "value": "12345678"
  "description": "Test Jira TMS"

The parameters differ depending on a TMS type and are as follows:


type – Jira

url – TMS URL (example: https://domain.atlassian.net/)

user – your user name for auth into Jira (example: my-tms-user-name)

password – your password for auth into Jira (example: my-tms-password)


type – Bitrix24

url – TMS URL (example: https://domain.bitrix24.com/)

access_token – your Bitrix24 parameter properly required for access to authorization (example: nyxnbk6ropm4owlaaya1kd8qhe7bqrk7)

refresh_token – your Bitrix24 refresh_token API REST required for authorization extension (example: b6v26ewuvumjjal1yj2qimdyjvgnsnkk)

For more information on how to get your API access parameters visit the Bitrix24 FAQ section of the Bitrix24 platform.


type – Asana

token – Asana personal access token (example: 0/333538675f251d1a3894834fcaaeb339)

workspace – Asana workspace id (example: 26564754309493)

For more information on how to get your API access parameters visit the Asana FAQ section of the Asana platform.


type – Trello

key – Trello key (example: c51be6aa063e298ad91d43ba3e05e0a2)

token – Trello token (example: c354612babb9121df8ffd452452af2284048be82c8ab65be3bf80f74c7a28f92)

For more information on how to get your API access parameters visit the Trello FAQ section of the Trello platform.


How do I report a bug or request a new feature?

You can report a bug or request a new feature by submitting the form.

In case you would like to let us know what platform you believe we should develop an integration with, let us know by requesting an integration.


How much does the service cost?

We believe that your business needs are unique and this makes a personalized pricing approach a best option to meet them best. To find out more information on what pricing would suit your specific business case, request for quote with your contact details included. We will try our best to respond as soon as possible to discuss the details.


Can I be sure of data security using API2Task?

API2Task service respects its clients’ information and takes serious measures to ensure it is safely stored and transmitted. We guarantee your data will be protected from unauthorized access and kept confidential. Read more on our Privacy Policy page.


What is an API?

API (Application Programming Interface) is what you integrate with to get an ability to retrieve and use the data from another service’s or platform’s database. It works as a medium that makes it possible for two systems to “communicate”.


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