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How can I find my Bitrix24 Access API Parameters?

Here are the access parameters you need to connect Bitrix24 with API2Task:

type – Bitrix24

url – TMS URL

(example: https://testapi.bitrix24.com/)

access_token – your Bitrix24 access_token API REST with scopes "calendar, disk, telephony, crm, im, user, entity, task, tasks_extended, bizproc, mailservice, log, sonet_group, department"

(example: s6re4n8qilgqab41x1xcrf63z1esrzig)

refresh_token – your Bitrix24 refresh_token API REST

(example: s6re4n8qilgqab41x1xcrf63z1esrzig)

To obtain access_token and refresh_token:

    1. A Bitrix24 application uses client_id to get the value of code, which is imperative to get the authorization token. A user opens the following address in a browser:
      intranet_name - it is a name of your Bitrix24 network.
      The browser will now redirect to the application URL passing the first authentication code (the code).
    2. The application uses clent_id, client_secret and code to get the values of access_code and refresh_token.
      The application sends a request: https://intranet_name.bitrix24.com/oauth/token/?grant_type=authorization_code&client_id=app_ID&client_secret=app_secret_code
      The server will reply with a JSON string like:
    3. The application uses access_code to send REST requests until the access code is expired.
    4. access_code will expire in an hour. The application can then use refresh_token to get a new access_code.
    5. If refresh_token is still valid (was obtained less than a month ago), the application gets new valid access_code and refresh_token and proceeds to the step 3.
    6. If, however, refresh_token has expired, a user will have to authenticate again manually next time a REST request is going to be sent out.
In fact, a user intervention is only required at the first step. If the application is in frequent use, at least once per month, authorization will refresh in silent mode indefinitely. Notice that this algorithm is only applied to external applications. Hosted applications obtain and refresh authorization automatically.


How can I find my Asana Access API Parameters?

Here are the access parameters you need to connect Asana with API2Task:

type – Asana

token - Asana personal access token

(example: 333538675f251d1a3894834fcaaeb337)

workspace id – your Asana workspace id you wish to working with

(example: 102545609240695)


  1. Click your profile photo from the top bar and select My Profile Settings
  2. Navigate to the Apps tab
  3. Review the Authorized section
Asana Access API Parameters

Personal Access Tokens

Personal access tokens provide individuals with a low friction means to access the Asana API when writing scripts, working with command line utilities, or prototyping applications. In most cases you should not provide personal access tokens to applications you do not know or fully trust the creator of.

Applications that support accessing Asana on behalf of many users should make use of Asana Connect.

To create a personal access token for yourself:

  1. Click your profile photo from the top bar and select My Profile Settings
  2. Navigate to the Apps tab
  3. Select Personal Access Token
  4. Add a Description
  5. Click the Create button
You are required to enter a description for each access token in order to easily remember its individual purpose. You are also encouraged to regularly review and deauthorize access tokens you no longer want or need.

To get your workspace id, go to https://app.asana.com/api/1.0/workspaces (ensure you are logged into Asana when viewing this page). This will display a JSON object of your workspace id and name. Copy the workspace id corresponding to the relevant workspace name.


How can I find my Trello Access API Parameters?

Here are the access parameters you need to connect Trello with API2Task:

type – Trello

key - Trello access key

(example: c51be6aa063e298ad91d43ba3e05e0a2)

token – Trello token

(example: c354612babb9121df8ffd452452af2284048be82c8ab65be3bf80f74c7a28f92)


API Key can be found at the https://trello.com/app-key page.
API Token can be found at the https://trello.com/1/authorize?expiration=never&scope=read,write,account&response_type=token&name=Server%20Token&key=app_key page, where "app_key" is value of "key", described above.


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